Monthly Archives: December 2010

Gracen’s First Haircut ~130 days old

Okay, so not really… Hard to have a haircut when you’re as hairless as this little beauty, but…

First NYD ~130 days old

Refreshed after a good night’s sleep and ready to start a new year.

First Photo of 2011 ~130 days old

Happy as ever and ready for all of the excitement 2011 has to bring!

Last Photo of 2010 ~129 days old

Gracen and Mama enjoying their last cuddle of the year. 🙂

First NYE ~129 days old

Up early and ready to celebrate her first ever New Year’s Eve.

Little Giggle Monster ~128 days old

Our happy little girl giggling away. Sometimes her giggles come around because of a song, her Papa’s silliness, or a repeated phrase… And sometimes there seems to be no reason at all!

Brave Little Beauty ~128 days old

‘Aren’t I a brave girl?’

Our Big Girl ~127 days old

But still relatively bald. 🙂 Just a little bit of fuzz up there!

Gracen Belle – 18 Weeks Old ~126 days old

Gracen Belle playing with her new jingle bells.

Gracen Blows Bubbles ~125 days old

Our messy little girl shortly after she learned how to blow good, slobbery proper bubbles. She was quite pleased with herself and showed off her new skills for several days. 🙂