Monthly Archives: February 2011

Kuwait Cutie ~188 days old

In honour of Kuwait’s 50/20/5 celebration, Gracen begged me to get my Kuwait butterfly wings out so she could try them on. 🙂

Food. Take Two. ~188 days old

‘This eating business is funny.’

Monday Moments ~188 days old

Ridiculously happy.

Little Drummer ~187 days old

Because of the 4 day weekend, Gracen was able to bring her Papa to Kindermusik class with her today.

Dinner at the Diner ~186 days old

Tonight Bradley was craving a burger something fierce, so we did something we’ve only done one other time during our four years in Kuwait – visited Johnny Rocket’s, a classic diner-style American restaurant.

Grae’s First Ever Solid Food ~186 days old

Ready. Bumbo with play tray, beautiful bib from Uncle Gary and Auntie Rozi, soft-tipped spoon, and homemade brown rice cereal.

Cardigan Cutie ~186 days old

Perhaps she’s ready for her first American Apparel modelling gig?

Celebration ~185 days old

Today we kicked off a 4 day weekend in honour of Kuwait’s 50 – 20 – 5 celebration (50 years of independence, 20 years of liberation, and 5 years since the Amir took power). Gracen seems pretty happy about it, doesn’t she?

Happy 1/2 Birthday! ~184 days old

Today our little girl is officially 6 months old. Hard to believe, I know… In some ways, it feels like she just arrived into our lives a few short weeks ago, and in others, it’s hard to remember what life was like without our little lady – it feels like she’s been a part of us forever. Here’s what our doodlebug is up to at 6 months old:

My Dad is a Superhero ~183 days old

Gracen reading her cute (and somewhat cheesy) shirt and nodding with agreement.