Monthly Archives: March 2011

And the Spit Continues ~219 days old

Just take a look at this little drool-covered spitting mess of a munchkin. Apparently she’s learned a new trick and she’s not letting go of it just yet. Meanwhile, we’re all covered in saliva.

This Very Moment ~218 days old

So it’s 11:50 p.m. and this mama should really be in bed… But when I just went into Grae’s room to dream feed her, I found her crammed into one end of her crib, head in the opposite direction of how she was put down, with her little feet resting up on the bars. Unfortunately, she moved her legs just as I snapped the photo, but she had them propped up there for several minutes beforehand (okay, so I may have been watching my daughter sleep…) How is this possible? She is in her baby straightjacket, has restricted arm movement, and I haven’t heard a peep since she went to bed at 6:30 p.m. What a little munchkin. She’s even busy in her sleep.

Our Beauty ~218 days old

Our gorgeous little girl.

Spitting ~217 days old

The lovely Grandma Charlotte is here in Kuwait, and lucky for us, she’s been working hard on teaching Gracen something new… How to SPIT.

Pooped ~217 days old

Absolutely pooped after a morning of shopping with Mama and Grandma Charlotte. 🙂

Bed Head ~217 days old

This fuzzy little hairdo is becoming out of control! This is how Grae woke up this morning… One side flat, one side sticking straight out of the side of her head. 🙂

Mmm… Watermelon! ~216 days old

‘What is this, Mama?’

Play Time at the Park ~216 days old

This afternoon we headed out to play at the park while enjoying the sun. It was our lucky day. The place was deserted and we had the playground all to ourselves! As you can see, Gracen Belle wasn’t the only one having fun. 🙂

Play Time ~215 days old

Gracen is at a really fun age right now… Although often times I wish I could hit a pause button and hang onto these moments for a little longer, she’s transforming from a baby into a little person who loves to interact and play, right before our eyes.

GRAEZILLA ~214 days old

‘Look at the cool tower Mama and I built, guys.’