Monthly Archives: April 2011

Pulling Up ~249 days old

During our day of nothing, Grae was playing in her crib while I was putzing around her room, and she discovered that she could pull herself up from her laying position and gnaw on the crib bars.

Happy Birthday, Papa! ~249 days old

We started the day by opening a couple of little gifts… Grae was pretty excited about the pretty wrapping paper she made.

Celebrating ~248 days old

Tomorrow is Bradley’s birthday, and since we plan on spending the day at the Hilton as a family, we had a few friends over for cake and ice cream this afternoon. Of course, Gracen was Papa’s candle blowing assistant. 🙂

Hanging Out ~248 days old

I have no idea what was happening at the time, but at some point this afternoon, I looked over to see Gracen and her Papa sprawled out on their backs in the middle of our dining room floor…

Baby in a Bag ~248 days old

Perhaps this is part of the Lulu Customer-in-Training Program?

Into EVERYTHING! ~248 days old

Like I’ve said before, our little doodlebug is BUUUUSY. And when she’s in her walker, she’s basically like a little tornado on wheels! First, she opened this drawer and helped herself to some sunglasses…

Our Second Home, the Hilton ~247 days old

‘What’s up there, Mama?’

Baby Posse ~247 days old

It’s really wonderful to live in a community that has several other stay at home mamas. Today we gathered at Monica’s house for some delicious coffee (with Bailey’s whipped cream!) and some warm apple peach cobbler. The mamas ate, drank, and chatted and the wee ones played to their hearts content. Here, Gracen’s joined by her adorable little friends, Jessica (1 month), Claire (3 years), Grant (8 months), and Turner (almost 7 months). This baby posse is too cute for words! 🙂

Mike and Ike Toes ~246 days old

No, we don’t particularly like Mike and Ike candies… Then why did we buy them you ask? Wait for it… For the simple reason that they remind us of our little doodlebug’s toes. Hahaha. Ah, our poor, poor little girl… How did she get stuck with such weird parents? One day when she’s older, she’ll read this post and think just that. And I won’t blame her.

Little Globetrotter ~245 days old

‘Hey Mama, where’s Canada again?’