Monthly Archives: May 2011

Determined ~280 days old

‘I spy with my little eye, something that I want. I have no idea what it is… But I want it anyways.’

Rabbit Food ~280 days old

‘What is this giant orange thing you’ve given to me?’

Bad Hair Day ~279 days old

Having a bad hair day is frustrating!

Ogasawara Girl ~279 days old

Our little beauty looking exactly like her Papa and the rest of the Ogasawara crew. 🙂

Little Geek in the Making? ~279 days old

‘Hmmm… What shall I do this morning?’

Lately ~278 days old

Grae has always been busy. But now that she is able to get around, busy is an understatement. She’s super curious and wants to touch and see everything there is to touch and see. Lately, she’s been yanking books off shelves…

Saturday Snapshots ~277 days old

Grae’s been working hard on perfecting her crawl. She sure is motoring around now. Not long ago, she didn’t even know how to get up on all fours, and now she’s cruising around the apartment like she’s known how to crawl all along.

Friday is for Family ~276 days old

Between Brad’s yearbook being due, my insane tutoring schedule, and preparing for the sale, it’s been a little crazy around here lately. This afternoon, we decided to head to the Hilton for a little relaxation time, just the three of us…

Baby Not for Sale ~276 days old

Today was our annual ASK Rummage Sale, where all of the leaving teachers sell their items. While most people lugged all of their stuff down to the courtyard and then baked in the sweltering heat for a couple of hours, we decided to stay in the comfort of our air-conditioned apartment. Gracen roamed around, greeted people and napped through all of the commotion.

Batbaby ~275 days old

Nananananananana… Batgirl!