Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pajamas to the Park ~310 days old

Since Bradley was down in Vancouver last night, Gracen and I went for a sleepover to Grandma Sue’s house! After Grae’s first night away from her Papa (other than the one night we spent in the hospital when she was born), we woke up early, had some breakfast, and headed out for a walk in the neighbourhood. We ended up at a nearby park, where Grae enjoyed an early morning swing in her jammies. 🙂

Shoppin’ ~309 days old

Bradley’s gone to Vancouver for tonight and tomorrow, so what are the girls to do? Shop! That’s what. 🙂

Messy Girl ~308 days old

Luckily Bella is around, because meal times have gotten messier than ever around here.

Out for Dinner ~307 days old

‘Yup. I think I know what I’ll have…’

Sunday Fun ~306 days old

This morning was beautiful. The sun was shining and it was warm without being hot. We were enjoying it so much that Grandpa Dave decided to run into town and pick up a little pool for Grae to splash in.

Stepping Out on Saturday ~305 days old

This morning we headed out to the Lumby farmer’s market with Grandma Charlotte. Although there was a good Watkins booth there (I love me some Watkins), let me tell you, if you blinked, you would have probably ended up missing the whole thing! On the plus side, there was a little playground nearby…

The Corner Park ~304 days old

Just down the road from Charlotte and Dave’s place is a little park that has been around since Bradley was a boy. Today got our hoodies on and took a little stroll down to The Corner Park.

Vernon Visit ~303 days old

So far, we’ve been staying out in Lumby at Brad’s parents’ place. Today we took a trip into Vernon and ran errands, visited the farmer’s market, and stopped by Grandma Sue’s new place for dinner. The farmer’s market was fantastic. Gracen got a bag of baby carrots (which she clearly was quite pleased with), and Mama got a fresh-squeezed lemonade! Yum.

Can’t Get Enough ~302 days old

We just can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors. After living in Kuwait for four years, having a backyard, green grass, and a mountain view is a privilege. So after Grae had a good nap, we headed out to Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Dave’s backyard. 🙂

Catching Up with Friends ~302 days old

Today we got a chance to catch up with our old friends, Mike and Hayley, and their darling little lady, Sloan. They too have a dog named Bella, but due to the fact that she can fit in a coffee mug, Gracen wasn’t at all intimidated.