Monthly Archives: July 2011

Papa is Home! ~341 days old

Our 18 days without Papa came to an end this morning when Gracen and I picked him up from the airport. Grae was so thrilled to see her daddy that she didn’t want to let him go – not even to come to me. Since we were there, we did a few things in Kelowna and stopped by Cactus Club for some lunch. The whole way home, Grae gazed up towards her Papa in the driver’s seat from her spot in the back. We’re both happy to have him home. 🙂

An Okanagan Saturday ~340 days old

Today was another beautiful Okanagan day. Instead of eating lunch inside, we hauled Gracen’s high chair outdoors under the shade of a beautiful old tree.

Playing at the Park ~339 days old

This afternoon was so beautiful that we just had to get outside. I slathered Grae up with sunscreen, put her hat on, popped her in the stroller, and we headed to Corner Park.

YUM ~339 days old

Gracen with a giant chunk of watermelon in hand and juice dripping down her chin = Happy.

Trouble. ~338 days old

‘It’s so hard to just look. My brain says to look, but my fingers want to touch!’

Sticky Fingers ~337 days old

Camping was a success and before saying goodbye to the Cochrane crew, we all headed into town for a sushi lunch. Grae gobbled up some sticky rice, nori, and tofu. Delish.

Out on the Boat ~336 days old

Today we rented a tiny little motor boat and headed out onto Echo Lake for a cruise.

Camping Cutie ~336 days old

Is it possible to be this cute while camping?

Happy Camper ~335 days old

This morning Charlotte, Chayton, Grae, and I woke up early, threw our hoodies on over our pajamas, and went for a walk.

Grae’s First Camping Trip ~334 days old

Gracen, Charlotte, and I arrived first and as I unpacked the vehicle, Grae and Grandma Charlotte headed out to explore our site.