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Exploring our New Yard ~364 days old

There’s something to be said for having a yard in Vancouver. Well, anywhere really. After spending four years in what must be the beige-est place on earth, you come to appreciate the outdoors more than ever before.

12 Month Update ~365 days old

Here’s what our little lady is up to at one year…

She loves:
• Sharing her food by shoving it in your mouth
• Getting a whole carrot or a whole piece of fruit to munch on
• Any kind of flatbread or breadstick
• Eating straight from a squeezey pouch
• Watching out the window
• Climbing
• Emptying boxes, bags, and bins
• Visiting the park/playground
• Being outdoors
• People watching
• When her Papa gets home from work
• Having books read to her
• Her “bubba” (a very old plastic doll that used to belong to her Mama and before that, Grandma Sue)
• Imitating your actions and words
• Dancing

She is OBSESSED with:
• Hats (turbans included)
• Balls

She dislikes:
• Laying in the tub and getting water in her ears

She thinks it’s hilarious when:
• She holds her food out to you as though she’s going to share and then snatches it away at the last minute
• She shoves her pointer finger in your bellybutton and wiggles it around
• She tickles your toes
• Adults crawl
• Mama races around the house pretending to be a superhero

She now eats / drinks:
• Natural peanut butter
• Prawns
• Wholewheat naan
• Artichoke hearts
• Sun-dried tomatoes
• Feta
• Barley
• Wholewheat spaghetti
• Tomato sauce
• Dried cranberries
• Shitake mushrooms
• Snap peas
• Butter chicken
• Thai red curry
• Homemade pizza
• Chicken chilli
• Tuna melts
• Organic milk

She now says:
• “Dat?” – that?
• “Bubba” – baby
• “Ba” – ball
• “Pa” – park
• “Pup pup” – puppy
• “Woof” – dog barking
• “Buhbye”
• “Hot”
• “Purple” (after you say it)
• “Shampoo” (only once, but it was the most clear, perfect “shampoo” ever)

She now signs:
• Milk
• Drink
• Eat
• Hat
• All done

Recent changes / milestones include:
• Pooping on the potty (for the last 5 weeks)
• Learning how to flush the toilet
• Putting herself to sleep without any sleep props or rocking (we’re on night 6 of our 10 night sleep training program)
• Sleeping flat on her tummy
• Taking her first step (only one!)
• Almost seeming ready to move to just one nap a day (despite the fact that her Mama is not ready to accept this yet)

Wow. That’s a lot. Our little girl is growing up at light speed.

The Unpacking Begins! ~363 days old

Today we started unpacking some of our kitchen boxes. Grae was absolutely loving all of the packing paper. It was like her birthday party all over again!

Home Sweet Home ~362 days old

Bradley and Grandma Charlotte arrived in Vancouver about an hour and a half after we did, and we were very lucky to have Uncle Brett, Auntie Steph, and Uncle Micah come over to help unpack the truck and occupy Grae. The truck is emptied and returned, and now the unpacking begins…

Vancouver Bound! ~362 days old

This morning we left the sunny Okanagan and headed down to the coast. We timed it so that Gracen and I left in the Kia just before her regular morning nap time, and according to our plan, she slept most of the way to Merritt. We stopped in Merritt for a stretch, some lunch, and a potty break before jumping back in the vehicle for the rest of the drive. Grae napped again for a couple of hours, and we were in Vancouver in no time.

A Day of Packing ~361 days old

Today’s job involved getting all of our worldly possessions packed up into the U-Haul truck. Thank goodness we had the help of Grandma Charlotte, Grandma Sue, and Rorie because there is only so long a baby can remain entertained by being in a box! 🙂

Moving Time! ~360 days old

Our summer has been an absolute whirl wind of visitors, trips, and special events. Luckily, we have a little trooper on our hands. This morning Grandma Charlotte picked up our U-Haul for us and I got busy sorting, organizing, and packing. Bradley’s still in California for a couple more days and doesn’t arrive home until late Saturday night. In the meantime, Gracen and I have to have everything packed up and ready to go because we’re moving down to the coast on Sunday morning!

Headed Home to the Okanagan ~359 days old

This morning we headed to the airport to catch our flight from San Jose to Seattle. Gracen was a champ and enjoyed frantically pointing to each person wearing a hat and then bopping herself on the side of the head twice (her sign for “hat”) as we made our way through the giant security line. You don’t realize how many people wear hats until you have someone pointing it out every single time. Grae dozed off during take off and stayed asleep for almost the entire flight, which was great because it meant that she stayed on her regular nap schedule. Once in Seattle, we used our 4 hour layover to cruise around the terminal in this very fun cart. Gracen smiled like mad and made lots of friends along the way. We boarded our flight to Kelowna just in time for her afternoon nap, and she slept straight through until landing. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip home!

Last Day in San Jose ~358 days old

‘Mama, I love it here in California!’

Apple Headquarters ~357 days old

Today Gracen and I were lucky enough to visit Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California.