Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sharing ~402 days old

‘Com’on, Bubba. You have to open your mouth!’

Along the Riverfront ~401 days old

It was a gorgeous morning, and although it started off fairly chilly, the sun came out and warmed us up by the end.

Headed Home ~400 days old

Today we had lunch with the Cochrane crew before heading out to the airport. Lucky for us, the flight wasn’t full and the Westjet associate gave us our own row of seats – yippee! Inevitably, a man came and asked if he could sit with us. After convincing the first guy to sit in the empty row behind us, another guy came along and asked if he could join our row. Seriously – who wants to sit next to a baby on a plane? Ugh. Oh well. We made it home safely and Bradley was at the airport waiting for us when we arrived. Unfortunately, when we arrived home with an extremely tired little girl, we were locked out of our house – but that’s another story…

Fun at the Farm ~399 days old

Then moved on to the quad for a little ride…

Fall Photo Shoot ~399 days old

This afternoon Rozi and I headed out to the Edge farm to let the kiddos play in the leaves while us mamas snapped a few (okay, more like 300) photos. After four years of scorching Septembers in Kuwait, the crisp fall air and bright yellow leaves have never seemed more wonderful.

Mardi Gras Girl ~398 days old

Today Gracen got this strand of beads when we got off the merry-go-round we rode at Chinook. She pretty much loves them. She takes them on and off once and a while, but she’s had them on for the majority of the afternoon/evening. I can’t help but think that she looks a bit like a mardi gras girl in this photo – topless with beads on. This may be cute at one, but let’s hope this is as far as it ever goes…

Two Bubbas in a Basket ~397 days old

Tonight Kinslee climbed into this basket and guess who climbed in right on top of her? Yup, that would be our Grae. Luckily her cousin is so patient with her. 🙂

13 Month Update ~397 days old

A couple of days ago Gracen Belle officially turned 13 months old. Here’s what she’s up to as we enter toddlerhood…

McKay’s ~396 days old

We got our ice cream and sat on the park benches out front of the store to eat it. Of course this little doodlebug doesn’t have ice cream yet, but she was perfectly happy to crawl around on the sidewalk and explore.

Grocery Shopping Love ~396 days old

We were cruising down the aisles when Gracen spontaneously leaned over and gave her cousin Kinslee a little squeeze.