Monthly Archives: November 2011

Attacked ~464 days old

We eventually decided that we trusted the itty bitty birdie that was hanging out near by and that it was safe sneak little bits of bred. Grae obviously wasn’t overly shaken by the whole incident, because she did offer to share with her new smaller birdie friend. I had to quickly put the kibosh on that though. No need to attract the attention of the other birds again.

Disaster Strikes ~463 days old

What started as an innocent bowl of bananas and berries soon became disastrous this afternoon. First off, it required some “dip-ah”. Yogurt was the natural choice.

Walking in the Rain ~463 days old

And perfectly happy about it.

The Perfect Potty ~462 days old

Ever since we started Gracen on the potty at 10 months old, she’s used just the regular toilet. Sure, it means that you have to hold her there so that she and her little tush don’t fall right in, but it works just fine and it means no potty scrubbing after each use. One potty I really love, however, is the little toilet in the family washroom at Oakridge Mall. It’s just like a real toilet, but it’s super short and has a special seat so even the littlest customers can use it all by themselves. Grae likes it too. 🙂

Ready for a Run ~461 days old

Gracen’s obsession with shoes continues…

A Very Lazy Saturday ~460 days old

So what do you do when you don’t leave the house all day? You get a little more creative than usual, that’s all. Miss G was pretty thrilled when I pulled out our winter bin for her to sort through. She cleared out the top half of the bin, asked for help with getting into the bin, and then proceeded to put on a hat and chew on Bubba’s toes. Entertainment at its finest.

First Trip to the Dentist! ~458 days old

This morning we took Gracen to the Smile to Smile Program at a local community centre. It was the first time she’s ever had a dentist clean and check her teeth and she pretty much hated every moment. I don’t blame the little doodle. I wouldn’t like having someone’s big fingers prying open my little mouth one bit either. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do… And her next appointment is in just 6 months!