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New Year’s Eve

We were very lucky to have gorgeous NYE weather today in Vancouver, so Gracen and I spent most of our day outside.  We went for a couple of good long walks and G enjoyed pointing out each bird, dog, and “vroom” (car) she saw.  We also played at one of our favourite parks for over 2 hours, but our fun there came to an abrupt end when we had a little incident of sorts (photos to come soon, I’m sure).

IMG 3653Once Bradley was off work, G and I met him at the Canada Line station, picked up our pre-ordered sushi, and headed home for dinner.  We had some Christmas crackers we’d forgotten to  use on Christmas Day, so we busted them out for NYE…  It’s festive, right?  Gracen didn’t mind that they were a week late.  In fact, she was pretty stoked on her paper crown and wooden birdie ornament.

IMG 3659Grae absolutely gobbled up her veggie rolls, miso soup, and edamame beans and then it was time for a bath, some stories, and her last night of sleep in 2011.  Sweet dreams, baby girl.


Perfectly Content

IMG 3630For Gracen, life doesn’t get much better than this…  She’s got all of her very favourite things at once – a pillow, blanket, book, and a bowl of seeds and nuts (or as she calls them, “rarahs”).  Life is good.


Pool Bound

IMG 3587Is it just me, or is there something so wrong about a baby in a bikini that it is ridiculously cute?  When I saw this little ruffled number on the sale rack at the end of last summer, I just couldn’t help myself.  And when given the choice this afternoon, Miss G picked this from her bathing suit collection…  We’re pool bound!

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Sharing is Caring

IMG 3576Gracen is very certain about what she wants and between talking and signing, she usually knows exactly how to get it.  This morning, she was just laying on her pillow reading some books when she asked me to help her take off her pajama top.  Once I did, she politely insisted that the top be put on her Cabbage Patch doll.  She was very persistent and when it was fully on and buttoned up, she sunk into her pillow, dolly cuddled closely, like all was right with the world once again.  Weird little munchkin…  Where does she get this stuff?


Grae’s Anatomy

Here’s a little peek at the project Gracen and I worked on yesterday and today…  Since she LOVES books more than life itself, I thought it would be fun to make her a couple of photo books for the stocking she’ll open when we celebrate Christmas in Vernon in a couple of weeks.  This one is all about body parts.  You’ll have to excuse the cheesy name.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Here are a few of the pages:

Grae s Anatomy



Mouth  Chin






I’d love to actually have an actual bound book printed, but I know that with the amount of “love” this little book is about to receive, it wouldn’t last as long as I’d like it to.  For now, I’m going to get the photos printed and put them all in a pretty little album.  Hopefully Miss G likes it as much as I expect her to.

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Teething. Our Old Friend.

IMG 3585This little trooper doesn’t seem to get much of a break in between bouts of teething.  It seems like we just finished with her 4 molars a few days ago, and we’re already moving onto her canines.  To date, Grae has 12 teeth fully in and numbers 13 and 14 (her upper canines) are well on their way.

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All in a Day’s Work

IMG 3509Today’s activities included quietly emptying an entire row of books from her bookshelf…

IMG 3517And happily drawing on her new chalkboard for a really long time.  🙂

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Miss Independent

IMG 3423My little bookworm was thrilled with the discovery of my Mr. Men and Little Miss book collection today. Frustration came about shortly after she’d neatly stacked the 50+ books and realized that she wasn’t able to carry them all at once.  I offered to help her, but that absolutely wasn’t a viable option.  She wanted to do it by herself.  End of story.  As a compromise, I offered her this little bag to make carrying them easier.

IMG 3425She accepted the bag, but absolutely did not want help putting the books inside the  bag.  Instead, she sat there, completely insulted, and put them in one by one all by herself.  It took a painfully long time, but she got it all done. That’s my independent little lady.

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Bed Love

IMG 3416Brad and I were extremely spoiled this Christmas.  And I mean EXTREMELY.  One of our many gifts included a new bed frame with built in storage drawers, new sheets, new pillows, and a new duvet set.  Our new set up is ah-mazing and Grae thinks so too.  As soon as she enters our room, she wants to be lifted up onto the bed (it’s too tall for her to get up on her own now) so that she can roll around and smush her face into the pillows and blankets.  It’s a lot like watching a dog roll around and rub themselves on the grass, only cuter.  🙂


Grae’s First Canadian Christmas

IMG 3295This morning Gracen awoke at her usual time of 6:30 a.m. and was thrilled when we gave her her stocking filled with little treasures to root through…

IMG 3300She’s been patiently eyeing up the pretty packages scattered along the living room floor for days now while we’ve been reminding her that they are “for looking, but not for touching”.  Today was finally her lucky day and she took unwrapping her packages very seriously.

IMG 3302She carefully opened each little stocking gift, ripping off tiny bits of paper until each present was fully revealed.

IMG 3309After all of that hard work, she finally got to enjoy her gifts.  True to our tradition, this year she got Christmas jammies (which she opened on Christmas Eve and wore to bed), a special Christmas book, a new ornament for the tree, a few stocking stuffers, and one bigger item – her vintage table and chair set.  She’ll also be getting a few handmade gifts at our ‘Christmas in January’ in the Okanagan, but shhhh…  She doesn’t know that yet.

IMG 3316Grandpa Dave, Grandma Charlotte, and Uncle Brett arrived to our place shortly afterwards and once everyone had a cup of coffee in hand, Gracen opened her packages from her grandparents and uncle.

IMG 3320Talk about being spoiled.  She got some new clothes, shoes, winter gear, hair pretties, books, and blocks.

IMG 3323Of course she loved Papa’s Steve Jobs biography just as much as her own gifts. 🙂

IMG 3325After present opening, it was time for stories with Uncle Brett while Mama, Papa, and GC prepared brunch.

IMG 3328Christmas breakfast, complete with a tree-shaped egg and a brand new Christmas dish set from Great Grandma Shirley.

IMG 3334With a messy breakfast out of the way, Grae got dressed in her pretty little Christmas clothes and shoes.

IMG 3329The rest of our day pretty much looked like this.  There was a lot of lounging, reading, snacking, and relaxing involved.

IMG 3376Of course there was also lots of playing with her new things for Miss G.  She absolutely adores these photo blocks from GC and GD.

IMG 3340Back to eating!  Last year, Grae wasn’t yet eating solids, so this was her first ever Christmas dinner.  She even tried a few of the Ukranian foods Mama’s family always had at holiday meals while growing up and liked them all.

IMG 3357Our hope was to take a decent family photo dinner was cleaned up and put away, but unfortunately, that mission proved to be impossible.  Five grown adults and a baby in one shot led to silly faces, hysterical laughing, crossed eyes, and a random Cabbage Patch doll joining the family.  But you know what wasn’t impossible?  Getting 15 great shots of a too-busy-to-sit-still-for-one-minute toddler.  Haha! Weird how that works.  Ogasawara crew, you’re a tough bunch!


Our night ended with a light tour walk around the neighbourhood, an overly excited little lady being tucked into bed, and a few generously-poured rum and eggnogs.  All in all, it was a lovely first Christmas back in Canada and I can’t wait until we get to do it all again in the Okanagan with the other side of our family.

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