Our Second Snow Adventure

IMG 4078It was a lot cooler today than yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from heading out on our second snow adventure.

IMG 4074We got Grae bundled up and snuggled in her sled…

IMG 4086Then headed down the lane…

IMG 4104And up “the hill”.

IMG 4107We found a nice little path and with Brad at the top and me at the bottom, sent the little lady down the slope.

IMG 4108Apparently we were a little too ambitious with the length of our sled run because poor little G took a tumble about halfway down.  Oopsies!  Parenting fail.  She’s such a little trooper that she just laid there until we came and rescued her.

IMG 4113We did a couple more runs and then headed back down the hill.

IMG 4121By the end of it, we were all chilly and Gracen was unimpressed that she had to wear Mama’s mittens when she didn’t even want to wear her own.  Time to call it a day.

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