An Afternoon at the Aquarium

IMG 4866The weather was gorgeous today, so Gracen and I decided to head down to Stanley Park to visit the aquarium.

IMG 4869First stop – the beluga whales.

IMG 4874Next stop – the sea otters.  This little guy was totally performing for Grae and she was just soaking it in.  Sea otters have to be one of the cutest creatures ever.

IMG 4882After being outside for an hour and a half, we headed inside to warm up a little bit.  Grae loves the giant tank by the entrance way that is filled with all kinds of sea creatures.

IMG 4886Next we headed to the dolphin underwater viewing area.

IMG 4895This dolphin was very playful with Grae and provided all kinds of entertainment by doing flips and twists, touching her nose to the glass, and diving in and out of the water.

IMG 4909After seeing most of the main exhibits, we parked our stroller and headed into Clownfish Cove for some playtime.

IMG 4904Gracen explored, played, and made some new friends before it was time to head downtown and meet Bradley for dinner.

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