G’s 2nd Annual Valentine’s Tea

Today we hosted Gracen’s second mamas and munchkins Valentine’s tea.  It was a very different scene than last year’s party where us Kuwait mamas sat around a blanket of rolly polly babies while chatting and sipping on hot coffee.  This morning was wonderfully chaotic, and by the end of it, I think all of us mommies had worked up a sweat.  Just goes to show how much things change in one year.  Here are some photos from this morning’s mamas and munchkins tea, complete with three curious and busy toddlers and one adorable 6 month old.

The decor:
IMG 5550Sidewalk chalk art.

IMG 5561The mantle.

IMG 5563Pink tulips, a free Valentine’s print, a paint chip garland,and a candy bar we didn’t even get to because there were so many other sweets.

IMG 5620Gracen’s bedroom door decorated with hearts she painted and hung {mostly} by herself.


Mama treats:IMG 5611
Dark and white chocolate covered strawberries.

IMG 5612Raspberry white chocolate scones.

IMG 5617Fruit salsa and cinnamon sugar chips (adapted from this recipe).

IMG 5696Pain au chocolat.

IMG 5698Cookies from Mozart Bakery. (There was also the most delicious dip with strawberries and heart-shaped fruit cut outs, but somehow I missed taking a photo.  Shoot.)


Munchkin treats:IMG 5613
Fruit leather hearts.

IMG 5638Melon hearts.

IMG 5643Mini heart-shaped margherita pizzas.


Activities:IMG 5605
Mess-free finger painting station.

IMG 5631Mural wall.


The munchkins:
IMG 5676Jackson.

IMG 5680Ainsley.

IMG 5691Keagan.

IMG 5675And of course this little pizza monster.


The action:IMG 5664
Snack time for Ainsley and Jackson.

IMG 5666Drool never looked so cute!

IMG 5670Finger painting toddlers.

IMG 5677Obsessed with Keagan’s soft blanket. In fact, she loved it so much that she insisted I take her ponytails out so she could roll around on it without her head hurting.

IMG 5683Checking things out.

IMG 5686Recess time at the school across the street looks pretty cool.

IMG 5689Baby love.

IMG 5694Team cleaning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG 5556

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2 thoughts on “G’s 2nd Annual Valentine’s Tea

  1. Monica says:

    Hey Jen! Turner and I definitely missed going to your Valentine’s Day party! Love looking at last year’s pics…you’re right, a year makes a huge difference. It’d be fun to see our babes running around together now 🙂 Love the blog…keep up the good work!

  2. jkossowan says:

    Hey, Mon! I must admit I got all nostalgic about Kuwait and the wonderful little mama & munckins group we had there as I went through last year’s photos… I know Kuwait had it’s challenges, but I do really miss it sometimes! A Grant, Turner, and Gracen reunion would be a blast! 🙂

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