We Heart Kits Beach

Although we’re perfectly content living in a little house {just barely} on the east side of the city, there is definitely something magical about Vancouver’s westside. There’s just a different energy about it. Maybe it’s just that before moving to the Middle East I had spent the better part of a decade living there and it feels more like home…  I don’t know.  Either way, I know that I want to spend some time showing Gracen some of my favourite places from times past.

With that in mind, this morning we geared up, pretended not to notice the spitting rain too much, and headed down to an old favourite, Kits Beach.  We walked along the oceanfront, visited with puppies, played at the playground, put our {gumboot-protected} feet in the water, collected seashells, ate lunch on a giant log, bird watched, and jumped in puddles.  Okay…and took a ridiculous amount of photos. 🙂  It was the perfect Vancouver morning with my little lady. ♥

IMG 5785IMG 5792IMG 5794IMG 5797IMG 5805IMG 5809IMG 5813IMG 5827IMG 5830IMG 5838IMG 5845
IMG 5858IMG 5861IMG 5868IMG 5874IMG 5877IMG 5881

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2 thoughts on “We Heart Kits Beach

  1. Kara says:

    Yay, the boots finally fit! 🙂 Love the little red nose, can’t wait to see you guys in April! 🙂

    • jkossowan says:

      They do! Well almost… They’re still quite big on her, but they’re at the wearable point now. She loves them so much that she doesn’t care that they’re sometimes hard to walk in. 🙂

      We’re looking forward to your visit too!

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