The Crankiness Cure

This morning was a little rough.  Gracen had a great sleep, woke up happy, and gobbled up her oatmeal with milk and berries as usual, but things quickly went downhill after that.  Before long, she was an unhappy, whining, I-need-my-mama-to-carry-me-all-morning-long mess.  (I think it must be this little bug we’re trying to fight off.) There’s only one fix for a morning like this. What is it, you ask? Getting outside and getting some fresh air, asap!  I swear, it’s the cure for all Gracen issues.  Teething? Get outside.  Tired but not yet time for a nap? Get outside. Feeling yucky? Get outside.  So that’s just what we did.  We quickly got ready, packed some snacks and our gumboots, and headed down to Kits Beach.

IMG 6211Saucer swingin’.

IMG 6216Steamed milk with cinnamon along the seawall (she’s signing ‘drink’).

IMG 6230Seashell inspecting.

IMG 6236Wave watching.

IMG 6241Wet toes.

IMG 6244Newly collected ocean items.

IMG 6247Bumblebee boots on the beach.

IMG 6258Snacks on a log.

IMG 6289Puddle jumping.

IMG 6290Making friends with passersby.

IMG 6300The perfect perch.

Voila!  Grumpiness gone.  Fresh air is magic, I tell you.  Pure magic.

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