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Animal Sounds by Grae

Just sitting in the bathroom making animal sounds…  Business as usual in the Kossowara household.


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Back At It

After saying goodbye to Grandma Charlotte this morning, Grae and I got ready and headed to our usual Saturday story time at Hillcrest Centre.  Gracen was thrilled to be back at it after a few weeks spring break.  She danced, bounced, and followed along with the actions, all while gnawing on a giant carrot.

IMG 9228And at the end of the session, she joined the mass of eager toddlers and patiently waited her turn to get a hand stamp.

IMG 9231After making her way to the front of the pack, she placed her little hand on the teacher’s knee, and received her special green frog stamp.  She was pleased as punch.

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Berry Yogurt Pop Taste Test

After dinner tonight, we pulled out Gracen’s first homemade popsicle

IMG 9239IMG 9237IMG 9252IMG 9254IMG 9263Apparently she thought it was pretty delicious!


iPhoneography // G’s Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon we put the finishing touches on our garden beds…  We’ve got zucchini, spaghetti squash, peas, beets, spinach, lettuce, beans, edamame, carrots, strawberries, dill, rosemary, chives, cilantro, basil, citronella, sunflowers, nasturtiums and a black thumb to man the show after Grandma Charlotte departs tomorrow morning (wish me luck).  But the best part?  This little outdoor-loving munchkin has her very own pumpkin patch  along our fence.  Today she planted the seeds and throughout the spring and summer, she’ll shower them with water and love in hopes of a bright orange pumpkin come Halloween…

IMG 3051IMG 3053IMG 3050If anyone can make it happen, it’s definitely this magical little girl.  ♥

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Target and Trader Joe’s and the Tot Lot… Oh my!

With our gardening nearly complete and the forecast calling for rain, we decided to spend our last day with Gma Char down in the States.  It looked a little something like this…

IMG 3040Strapped in and ready to go.

IMG 3043Ball balancing.

IMG 3045Flower fiend.

IMG 3048Mini shopper.

IMG 9205Play and picnic break at the Tot Lot.

IMG 9226Chillin’ in a tree.

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iPhoneography // Mini Gardener

IMG 3005Cruisin’ through Home Depot…

IMG 3010Digging.IMG 3007

‘What should I do with this big rock?’

IMG 3015‘Meet Mama worm.’IMG 3019
‘Here’s the Papa!’

IMG 3021Miss G’s worm family.

IMG 3024Tired of yard work.  Taking the Kia for a spin instead.

IMG 3027And tickled pink about it.

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iPhoneography // Gardening

IMG 2988With the help of Grandma Charlotte and Uncle Brett, we got started on our garden this morning…

IMG 2989Gracen was designated the official worm collector of the team.

IMG 2990Of course Miss G wasn’t scared in the least.  In fact, each was declared a ‘mama’, ‘papa’, or ‘bubba’ and she was quite distraught when we released them back into the soil.

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iPhoneography // Mini Mommy

IMG 2969Apparently routines are just as important for baby dolls as they are for our little baby doll.

IMG 2970First off, Bubba’s bath.

IMG 2977Then story time.

IMG 2981Next up:  A pre-bedtime potty break.

IMG 2985And then into bed it is!

The funny part is that this was all Grae.  I was in the bathroom getting drying my hair when she came in urgently saying, “Bubba!” and then signing ‘bath!’ on repeat.  After Baby was squeaky clean, she then took it upon herself to make sure Bubba got a story and a pee in before I later found her in Grae’s crib, snuggled up with a blanket and all.  I think we may have a little mommy on our hands…

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Grandma Charlotte Arrives!

IMG 9126What a lucky little girl Gracen is…  Yesterday she got to visit with Grandma Sue and today Grandma Charlotte arrived.

IMG 9136In the hatch of her car?  A tiny little tricycle she found on Kijiji…

IMG 9143Plus some fresh pussy willow branches.  What a spoiled little girl we have!

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Silly Girl!

IMG 9117Gracen and I were making a birthday card for Grandma Charlotte today when I noticed something strange about her outfit…  She was wearing panties over top of her pants!  What a silly little girl we have. Perhaps she’s trying to start a new trend?

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