Play Gym at Sunset

I don’t know what we’ve been up to, but we certainly haven’t doing our regular Friday mornings up at the Sunset Community Centre play gym sessions…  Maybe it’s because the weather’s been getting nicer and we’ve been spending more time outdoors, or maybe it’s because the lovely teacher, Aggie, no longer runs the sessions, but either way, it was nice to be back today.  Gracen loves it, it’s nice to chat with the same moms each week, and it’s just a few blocks up from our house.  How can you go wrong really?

Gracen was very excited to be back.  There was some regular play involved…

IMG 7431IMG 7434IMG 7436

But she spent the majority of her time frantically running from one car/trike/bike to the next, climbing on, pushing the centre of the wheel/handlebars, and declaring, “Beep, beep, beep!”IMG 7423IMG 7425IMG 7427IMG 7428IMG 7430


I’m not sure what this is all about, but hopefully it’s not a reflection of her Mama’s driving.  🙂

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