A Hoola Hoop… At Last!

Weeks ago, little Miss G fell in love with a mini hoola hoop that was sitting in our backyard (a toy-littered lawn has become a regular thing recently, courtesy of the 5 very lovely, but highly unsupervised children that live in our basement suite).  Each time we were outside, she’d play with it for a few minutes and then we’d carefully place it next to the stairwell, only to find it back in the middle of the lawn ready to be played with the next time we were heading out.

But here’s the silly part.  Because she loved it so much and because Easter was just around the corner, I may have told Grae that the Easter Bunny would bring her a mini hoola hoop of her own.  Big mistake.  Before one makes promises on behalf of the Easter Bunny, they should really check out the local stock first.  Long story short, there were no mini hoola hoops to be found, and although she was more than spoiled on Easter Sunday, I felt bad for not fulfilling the promise I had made.

Well lo and behold, guess what we found today while we were at the dollar store of all places?!  The most perfect little hoola hoop ever!  And in aqua no less!  Grae was thrilled.

IMG 0923IMG 0927IMG 0958And more than anything, I was thrilled that I had finally followed through on my silly little promise.  Lesson learned.

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