I can hear the voices of my dad and brother already…  Sure, the furniture probably isn’t the highest of quality, but seriously?  We love IKEA.  Grae and I headed to our giant, shiny new store this afternoon, just for fun.  She adores the new kids’ play area so much that I think she’d stand and watch children play through the glass all afternoon long.  Of course, she’d rather be on the other side of the glass, so after her countless requests to go “Nin!”, we put her up against the height chart just to see…  3 inches to go.  (Sadly, those 3 inches will probably be gained much faster than I’ll want them to.)  With that, we headed up to the showroom and made our way straight to the kids’ area. Gracen hugged stuffies, laid on beds, and touched/tried every toy available.  IMG 1597IMG 1598IMG 1600

Of course, we stopped in at the Swedish food market on the way out too.  Although we still have plenty of elk-shaped pasta, we did take home some of the most delicious-smelling blueberry tea and a package of multigrain crispbread that Miss G picked out herself.

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2 thoughts on “We ♥ IKEA

  1. Ally and Kira ALWAYS have to sit in the egg chairs when we’re there. I must remember to stop at the food market next time!

  2. jkossowan says:

    I really love them too, but I’ve always wished they’d make them in a more neutral colour combination. A couple of months ago, a fellow blogger shared photos of the one she repainted all white (http://www.pinksugarland.com/2012/02/in-pictures-new-hiding-spot/). Now if only I could work up the guts to spray paint something plastic. 🙂

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