Rainbow Rice Sensory Box

Today we gathered up some supplies, transferred the rice we dyed yesterday into a bin, and headed out into the backyard for some fun.IMG 5321

Gracen helped me pick out the items  to add to the bin.  We kept things pretty simple today…  Spoons, containers, cups, and a teapot (hmm… I wonder whose selection that was!)
IMG 5325First job – take everything out and get those colours mixed together!IMG 5327

The result? Rainbow rice!
IMG 5329IMG 5352Soooo beautiful!IMG 5338IMG 5335IMG 5364

Next job – filling up every single container in sight.IMG 5344IMG 5377IMG 5361

And then things got wild.  For a while, it was raining rice, and shortly after the whole bucket tipped over, Grae still inside.  The good thing was that Miss G found picking it all up and putting it back in the bin just as fun as dumping it in the first place.

IMG 5380


 You can see Gracen’s other sensory bins here.
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