Father’s Day 2.0

Because we didn’t really get to celebrate the real Father’s Day properly last week, we said we’d set aside a little time to do something special during our Okanagan vacation. So this morning, after Bradley had a chance to sleep in, we all got ready, packed up some things, and made our way to Polson Park.  Once there, we played at the playground, explored the park, had a little picnic, opened the gift G and I made for Brad, and visited with the ducks.  Despite the fact that much of the park was covered in a generous layer of water due to the recent rain, it was a gorgeous morning.  The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and the park was as green as could be.

Here is our morning in photos…
IMG 5725Swinging with Papa.

IMG 5727Soooo happy.

IMG 5732Snuggles and sandwiches.

IMG 5740Checking out the water park.

IMG 5743Grae and Mama.

IMG 5747A little gift.

IMG 5760Checking out Papa’s 2nd annual Father’s Day photo book.

IMG 5763“High! More high!”

IMG 5765

High fives while swinging. No big deal.

IMG 5769Hungry ducks.

IMG 5772Sprinkling seeds.

IMG 5790Headed home.

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