Small Style {5}

Whew! Finally getting around to a new Small Style post… I got a question from a reader a little while back that was clothing / accessory related, so I thought I’d share:

Gracen always seems to be wearing a hat or sunglasses, or both. How do you manage to keep them on her?

I’ve got to say, it’s pretty much a non-issue for us at this point.  In fact, if we’re getting ready to leave the house and she does not yet have a hat on her head, she’ll normally remind me.  I think it’s because she’s never known any different.  Since the day she was born, she’s always worn hats.  It’s something that I’ve always felt was important, and so I made sure to get her used to them very early on. Still to this day, there are very few times that she goes without one, whether it be summer or winter {although I do often take her picture for these posts before putting her hat on}. Sunglasses are much the same.  I bought the tiniest pair of sunglasses I could find while living in Kuwait and started putting them on her when she was just a baby.  When she’d pull them off, I’d just put them back on, and eventually she stopped taking them off. Now she asks for them when it’s bright out. I know that’s not much help for those trying to teach their little ones to keep their hats / glasses on, but I think the biggest thing is just to keep putting them on time and time again until they eventually become used to it.

Now, onto some itty bitty outfits… 

IMG 4377

Quilted jacket: Joe / Floral blouse: Joe / Skinny jeans: H&M / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 4433Giant sunhat: Baby Gap / Button-up sweater: Levi’s / Ruffled denim tank: Joe / Blush shorts: Baby Gap / Gladiator sandals: Joe

IMG 4176Crossover ballet sweater: Baby Gap / Striped baby doll dress: Old Navy / Polkadot tights: Baby Gap / Glittered Flats: Payless / Recycled milk pouch book bag: (ours was made by Beth B.).

IMG 4806Floral sunglasses: Joe / Striped dress: Baby Gap / Tights: unknown (gifted) / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 5022Ruffled cardigan: unknown (gifted) / White blouse: Old Navy / {Still very big} floral skirt: Old Navy / Brown tights: H&M / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 4816Straw fedora: H&M / Floral sunglasses: Joe / Plaid button-up: Joe / Pink tee: Next / Denim shorts: Baby Gap / Pink gumboots: SportTek (can never be too prepared when visiting a farm!)

IMG 5081Black cardigan: H&M (boys’ section) / Polka-dotted tunic (used to be a dress): H&M / Black leggings: H&M / Fluorescent runners: H&M

IMG 5219Coral ball cap: H&M / Striped dress: H&M / Coral shorts: Old Navy / Gladiator sandals: Joe

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2 thoughts on “Small Style {5}

  1. Dani says:

    So cute! I wonder if the Gap makes the grey crossover in adult size. I love it.

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