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Flying High

These two…

IMG 9056IMG 9057IMG 9058 ♥

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Party Preppin’

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Gracen’s second birthday with a backyard party. We’re so lucky that Grandma Charlotte was able to come down a couple days early and help us out, because between all of the weeding, pressure washing, pruning, and general cleanup (all things that have needed to be done for some time now), we’ve been busy!  Grae’s of course been loving every moment of extra grandma time, hours outdoors, and “helping”…  Not to mention the accidental discovery of the odd ‘surprise’ here and there (much like this awesome little bubble machine I found on clearance)… Oh, the joy of bubbles!

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Simple Fun: Colour Sorting Game

IMG 8999This morning Miss G found this little wooden box {that used to house her alphabet magnets}, brought it to me, and asked, “Play game?”  Ummmm… Okay.  I was certainly not going to turn away that sweet little face, so I had to think on my toes.

IMG 9000The two compartments of course lead to a sorting activity of some sort, and the first thing that popped into my head was colours.  I grabbed two pieces of coloured paper, cut them {very roughly} to fit inside the compartments, and asked Grae if she wanted to help me find little things in pinks and yellows.

IMG 9001Of course she was more than game, so we went around the house collecting things and deciding whether or not they were too big. This is what we came up with.

IMG 9004Grae needed no explanation.  I simply said, “Do you want to play?” and off she went.

IMG 9006I did realize part way into our collecting that the activity wouldn’t last long, but we had already started and it’s not like it was a huge time investment, so we continued along our way.  I wasnt timing, but the game probably lasted all of 60 seconds from start to finish.  The good news is that Grae seemed to enjoy herself and was happy to take everything out, mix it up, and play again and again.  

Next time, if we wanted to get more ‘bang for our buck’, we could easily use two similar colours (aqua and blue, grey and black, or something similar) or try sorting based on something different all together like circles and squares, wood and plastic, or tall and short.

Here’s a little video of Grae hard at play multiple rounds in:

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Trickin’ People

IMG 5513Today, while at IKEA, Gracen got to choose something special to buy with a little bit of birthday money she received in the mail. Her choice? Several items for her tickle trunk, including this lion hat and nose/mouth piece.

While wearing her new lion costume in the the checkout line…

Gracen:  Grae Grae lion!  ROAR!  (giggles)  Grae Grae trickin’ people.

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Handprint Canvas: A Yearly Tradition

Today Miss G and I continued on a little birthday tradition we started last year when she turned one – painting a handprint canvas together.  This year was even more fun than last because Grae was really able to get into it and participate in the process. 

IMG 8985After picking out our colour combination, we gave the canvas a few coats of pink paint, letting it dry in between each one. 

IMG 8986Then, once it  was completely dry, I brushed a thin coat of teal on Grae’s hand and together we carefully stamped in the middle of the canvas.  

IMG 8988With the project finished almost as quickly as it was started, Grae wanted to continue painting, so on she went…

IMG 8994As she worked on her own project, I sketched out a number two on the canvas’ corner…

IMG 8995Then carefully outlined it and filled it in with a paint pen.

IMG 8997Tada!  A very simple art project that forever saves those little handprints I always have such a hard time wiping away from our mirrors and windows.

IMG 8998And here it is next to last year’s.  Pretty amazing / heartbreaking to see the difference 12 months makes…

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Happy Face

This morning, Miss G asked for a marker.  I gave her one, she went to her little table, and returned with this paper a moment later and proudly announced, “Happy face!”

IMG 8973Yes, indeed… That’s certainly a happy face. The first one she’s ever done all on her own.

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On the car ride home, just after picking up Papa from work tonight…

Papa: How did you get so beautiful?

Gracen: Mama do it.

Best words all day, Grae. You certainly know the way to Mama’s heart. ☺

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Grae Grae Work

As we’re doing our nap time routine today…

Gracen: Mama, no sleeping.  Grae Grae do work.

Mama: You have work to do, Grae?

Gracen: Ya.

Mama: What kind of work do you have to do?

Gracen: Button glueing… Put stickers on paper…

Mama: Oh ya?

Gracen: Read da books… Play puzzles…

I couldn’t agree more (well except maybe on the not needing a nap bit).  There’s definitely some very important work going on around here….

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Stuck On You Winners: Round Two

Sorry for the delay, everyone!  Miss G and I have been away on a whirlwind road trip / wedding / Okanagan weekend, but we’re now back in the city and getting back into our regular routine.  Here are the winners for round two of our Stuck On You giveaway…

Congrats, ladies!  The generous people over at Stuck On You are giving each of you $50 to spend in their online store.  I’ll be contacting you both tonight with your promo codes and you can submit your orders as soon as you have them. ☺

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An Okanagan Wedding

Today, Gracen and I got dolled up and headed over to the beautiful Mackie House for the wedding of my good friend Karli.  The weather was the perfect blend of warm and breezy, the venue was gorgeously set overlooking the lake, the ceremony space was filled with beautiful little details, and the bride absolutely stunning.  It really couldn’t have been a better afternoon.

Knowing that she’d appreciate the time to walk around and explore before having to settle in on a seat, Grae and I arrived plenty early.  We picked a couple of aisle seats in the shade of a giant old tree, placed our belongings on them, and explored the grounds for a while.  When it was time to begin, Grae climbed up onto her seat, enjoyed some of the special snacks I’d tucked into my purse for the occasion, and quietly smiled and waved to the guests sitting around us.  Before we knew it, the bride and groom were announced husband and wife, the crowd let out a huge applause (Grae’s favourite part), and it was time to mingle on the grass.  Gracen was reunited with her good buddy Sloan, whom we haven’t seen in a while, and the two were inseparable.  They celebrated with countless hugs, kisses, and healthy dose of hand holding.  It was cuteness OVERLOAD.

Here’s our afternoon in photos… 

IMG 8898‘Found my seat.’

IMG 8905Off to explore.

IMG 8914Patiently waiting.

IMG 8922Loving the paper fans.

IMG 8928‘Mama, Grae Grae climb dis tree?’

IMG 8931Greeting the bride.

IMG 8935‘Oh Sloan, how I’ve missed  you!’

IMG 8939Kisses.

IMG 8949Pretty girls.

IMG 8945High school besties 17 years later…

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