Music-Themed Toddler Tray

After completing  bongo/shaker/güiro project this morning, Miss G and I quickly put together a drum (using a leftover Christmas tin and the same process as we did for our 3-in-1 instrument, minus the lentils/rice), and collected some of the instruments we had around the house to create this music-themed toddler tray. 

IMG 8178Besides the homemade instruments, her xylophone, jingle bells, train whistle, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, and a couple of spoons were included.

With a playlist of her favourite songs playing from the iPod dock in her bedroom, we had a little jam session and gave each of the instruments a shot.

IMG 8183IMG 8204While this wasn’t a sensory station she stayed engaged in for long periods of time, we left it out all day, music on, and she came back to it again and again, shaking or tapping her heart out for a couple of minutes at a time. 

It’ll definitely be something we leave out for the next little while too. I’m looking forward to more musical moments in the days to come… (Hopefully all of which are as passionate as the one in the last photo. ☺)

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4 thoughts on “Music-Themed Toddler Tray

  1. This is adorable! Emma is just now getting really into instruments so I can see us doing this project in no time!

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh, that last picture is adorable! It really captures how engrossed she is with this activity! Precious!

    I’d love to have you link up at my Teaching Time post!

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