Phrases of Late

There are so many little things that Miss G says and does that I want to never forget.  Right now she’s got so many funny little sayings happening.  These are some of my favourites…


When she drops her baby, steps on a book, spills something, etc…

“Sorry ’bout that, Mama.” (Or, “Sorry ’bout that, Grae Grae” when you do something she feels you should apologize for.)


At random times throughout the day when she’s feeling excited…

“Wannaplay wannaplay wannaplay!”


When I ask her to do something…

“Okey dohee, Mama. Okey dohee.”


Throughout the day…

“Oh nana, what’s name?” (her version of Karmin’s cover of What’s my name?)


When referring to the closet book nook I made for her recently



When referring to something she’s already eaten…

“In da bel-buh. In da bel-buh!” (meaning ‘in the bellybutton’ – her way of saying in her belly.)

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One thought on “Phrases of Late

  1. Victoria says:

    What is a blog for but to record all those! I love that she apologizes for you haha

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