Stuck On You Winners: Round Two

Sorry for the delay, everyone!  Miss G and I have been away on a whirlwind road trip / wedding / Okanagan weekend, but we’re now back in the city and getting back into our regular routine.  Here are the winners for round two of our Stuck On You giveaway…

Congrats, ladies!  The generous people over at Stuck On You are giving each of you $50 to spend in their online store.  I’ll be contacting you both tonight with your promo codes and you can submit your orders as soon as you have them. ☺

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6 thoughts on “Stuck On You Winners: Round Two

  1. Nat Nanton says:

    This was so cute Jen! Impressed that she can read names already. 🙂 Congrats winners!

  2. Victoria says:

    I grew up in the Okanagan! I miss bodies of water 😦

  3. jkossowan says:

    Haha! Too funny! I grew up in Vernon and my husband is from Lumby. His parents still live in the same house they built when he was two and we spend most of our Okanagan time there. Small world! 🙂

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