Simple Fun: Colour Sorting Game

IMG 8999This morning Miss G found this little wooden box {that used to house her alphabet magnets}, brought it to me, and asked, “Play game?”  Ummmm… Okay.  I was certainly not going to turn away that sweet little face, so I had to think on my toes.

IMG 9000The two compartments of course lead to a sorting activity of some sort, and the first thing that popped into my head was colours.  I grabbed two pieces of coloured paper, cut them {very roughly} to fit inside the compartments, and asked Grae if she wanted to help me find little things in pinks and yellows.

IMG 9001Of course she was more than game, so we went around the house collecting things and deciding whether or not they were too big. This is what we came up with.

IMG 9004Grae needed no explanation.  I simply said, “Do you want to play?” and off she went.

IMG 9006I did realize part way into our collecting that the activity wouldn’t last long, but we had already started and it’s not like it was a huge time investment, so we continued along our way.  I wasnt timing, but the game probably lasted all of 60 seconds from start to finish.  The good news is that Grae seemed to enjoy herself and was happy to take everything out, mix it up, and play again and again.  

Next time, if we wanted to get more ‘bang for our buck’, we could easily use two similar colours (aqua and blue, grey and black, or something similar) or try sorting based on something different all together like circles and squares, wood and plastic, or tall and short.

Here’s a little video of Grae hard at play multiple rounds in:

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