Seriously. This little lady of mine just melts my heart every. single. day.  This is a real word-for-word conversation that happened today while she was on the potty and I was throwing my hair up into the usual afternoon top knot…

Gracen: Mama do hair?

Mama: Ya, Mama’s putting her hair in a bun.

Gracen: Mama looks niiiice.

Mama: You like Mama’s hair in a bun?

Gracen: Ya (as she gives my leg a big squeeze).  Grae Grae yikes (likes) Mama.

Mama: Aw, that’s sweet, Grae. I like you too.

Gracen: Mama’s so cute.

Could she get any sweeter?  

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One thought on “Compliments

  1. kaiyasworld says:

    So sweet! I miss when my daughter was that age. Now she has the attitude of a 13yr old trapped in a 3yr old’s body.

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