Mini Fruit Skewers

Today, after a trip to our fruit and vegetable market, Grae and I came home and put together some fun mini fruit skewers.  We washed the fruit together, I did the chopping, and Gracen did the assembling.  Grae had a ton of fun poking the fruit pieces onto the toothpicks and sliding them along to make room for more. As she created her snack masterpieces, she counted the pieces and named the fruits in her singsongy voice, adding each skewer to the plate when finished.

IMG 9569IMG 9570IMG 9572IMG 9577IMG 9580IMG 9582Now although we could have just mixed up our chopped fruit and eaten it as fruit salad, everything is better on skewers, right? Not to mention, making them was the best part – just look at that proud little face. Plus, they’d be great finger snacks for a play date or party… Or just as dessert for a mama and a babe. ☺

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4 thoughts on “Mini Fruit Skewers

  1. littlefashionistas says:

    That’s very healthy and yummy!

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