This exact conversation has happened non-stop for the last few days…

Gracen: Peepee poopoo!

Mama: Do you have to go potty, Grae?

Gracen: Yes. (heading to the bathroom) Grae Grae do it. Grae Grae BIIIG GIRL.

Mama: Okay, love.

Gracen: (stopping halfway to the washroom) No Mama coming.  Byyyyyyyyyyyyye, Mama.  Grae Grae go peepee poopoo.

Mama: Okay, Bubba. Off you go.

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4 thoughts on “BIIIIIIG GIRL

  1. Manmaw says:

    I love this big girl but am missing our baby time already!

  2. Kara says:

    Time for a new one! 😉

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