An Afternoon at LUSH

IMG 0758This afternoon, Gracen and I had the absolute pleasure of attending a launch event at the Robson Street location of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

When we first got the invite, I was really excited for two reasons.  First off, because I’ve been a longtime Lush fan and seeing, touching, and trying a brand new product before the general public is always fun, and second, because the event was munchkin-friendly and Gracen was more than welcome to come along! 

IMG 0732When we arrived, the Lush team was extremely helpful, sweet, and friendly.  They helped us find a spot to park our stroller,  offered us all kinds of delicious treats and beverages, and invited Gracen to play with the newest Lush innovation, ‘Fun’.   Of course she had already spotted the play table on the way in and was more than ready to sink her little hands into the mouldable material.

IMG 0735IMG 0745IMG 0744IMG 0737As she played, I learned all about Fun.  What it is basically, is a mouldable {delicious smelling} soap that can be used in four different ways.  First off (and most importantly ☺), it can be played with.  It has a texture between play dough and plastercine and can easily be cut, shaped, and rolled.  The best part is that since it’s a soap, clean up is a breeze – both when it comes to cleaning your table and cleaning your kid.  When used in the bathroom, it can be rubbed and used as a soap (we’ve already used it at the sink for washing hands and in the bathtub as a body bar), lathered and used as a shampoo, or placed under some running water as a bubble bath. So cool, right?  I’m pretty sure some pre-bath time “play dough” sessions are in our very near future…

IMG 0742IMG 0731After playing with Fun for a good, long time, Miss G decided it would be a good time to have her face painted.  Having seen {and immediately fallen in love with} a stack of pumpkin-shaped soap on the way by, a little jack-o-lantern on her cheek it was.

IMG 0750IMG 0757With a freshly-painted cheek, it was off to explore the rest of the store.  There were all kinds of goodies out and Gracen very happily chose a bag of popcorn to munch on while I helped myself to a little bag of goodies at the candy bar.  We explored the products, learning about them and trying them out along the way, which was a lot of fun.  These were two of our favourites.  I really loved the slightly shimmery Bubblebeard bubble wand because it made incredible bubbles with just small swishes in a bowlful of water, and Grae really loved the Calacas shower jelly, mostly because it was really fun to poke and squish.

IMG 0751IMG 0738We stopped to see a few other things, mingle with some other mamas and kiddos, and snack on our goodies, but more than anything, Grae wanted to get back to the Fun table to play.

IMG 0756IMG 0746IMG 0753IMG 0755Before heading home for dinner, bath, and bed time, we got to watch a fresh batch of Fun being made, and then play with it immediately afterwards.  When fresh made like this, Fun is still pretty soft and sticky compared to the finished product, but Gracen didn’t mind one bit.  It made for a great mess and lots of fun swishing it all of in a bowl of warm water afterwards.

IMG 0759To top off a fun-filled afternoon, Lush very generously sent us home with a bag full of goodies that Grae immediately called her ‘present’ and insisted on carrying on her own despite the fact that it was heavy and bulky.

IMG 0762When we got home and opened it, she was thrilled to find several rolls of Fun inside, but even more thrilled to see a Jacko bath fizzer.  We chopped him up to spread the excitement up over a few nights, and before long, our pumpkin pie scented little lady was tucked into bed.

Lush’s multipurpose, mouldable FUN soap is available nationwide on November 1st, 2012.  It comes in five colours and scents (yellow – marzipan, green – citrus burst, blue – lavender and chamomile, red – fruity orange and mandarin, and pink – ice cream), is 100% vegan, and will be available for for $6.95 each.  

In addition, a portion of the sales of FUN will go into the newly created FunD, which will help bring fun back to children living in Fukushima, Japan, an area severely affected by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.
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4 thoughts on “An Afternoon at LUSH

  1. thewritemama says:

    Awesome post! What a fun event…my little guy loved it too.

  2. Grandma Sue says:

    This kind of day makes me want to go back in time & not worry so much about how clean the house was etc. your an awesome Mom! I know that you don’t do many things for you but you will never regret the time you spent with your little angel!

    • jkossowan says:

      Thanks, Ma. It’s sometimes hard not worry about the house, errands, etc. but I just remind myself that I’m not at home right now to be a full-time housekeeper or errand runner. I’m at home to enjoy these early years with Miss G and give her the best start I possibly can. 🙂

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