Christmas Tree Felt Board

Last year, Miss G had her own wall-hung Christmas tree to made of felt.  I won’t go into the grossness that is the fact that our garage is home to mice (or the fact that her little tree wasn’t properly packed away), but needless to say, the tree is no longer.  

Felt BoardSince Grae’s really been enjoying her felt board games lately, and since I have other plans for the little chunk of wall that held last year’s tree, I decided to make her a smaller, felt board-friendly tree this time around.

IMG 3137All it took was a big sheet of green felt (available in craft stores) cut free hand in the shape of a tree, a brown felt stump attached to the base of the tree with fabric glue (hot glue or craft glue would work just fine too), some ornaments cut from bright coloured felt, and a yellow star to top the tree.

IMG 3133And since Grae had a really nice long nap and I had finished all of the other pieces, I decided to cut out a couple of presents for her to place under the tree too.

IMG 3134Now she has a {new} little tree that can decorate again and again all by herself, regardless of the time of year.

See our other felt board ideas, as well as a tutorial on how to make your own easy felt board here.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Felt Board

  1. pegges says:

    and the little felt pieces just stick to the felt board background with no glue or nothing? sorry if this is a dumb question… never had felt in my hand actually… *blush*

    • pegges says:

      oh… and another question… do you cut EVERY shape freehand or do you have a website for shapes to print out and trace on the felt for cutting? I’m really not all that good in free handing stuff… lol

  2. Amy @ The Connection We Share says:

    mice eat felt?!?!?

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