Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornament

Puzzle Piece Snowflake OrnamentToday, Gracen’s advent calendar pouch included a handful of jigsaw puzzle pieces (from Urban Source) and a handwritten note telling her that they could be used to make a snowflake ornament (I originally found the idea here). She of course was ready to begin the project the very instant she opened it.

IMG 3261While puzzle pieces are the main material, a few other things are needed to make this pretty little ornament… Glue of some sort (craft glue or hot glue would probably work best), some white crafter’s acrylic and a paintbrush, a scrap of cardboard or card stock cut into a circle, a small piece of ribbon or string to hang the ornament from, and some glitter (completely optional, but not in Miss G’s opinion).

IMG 3262To get started, glued 3 puzzle pieces onto our cardboard circle, evenly spaced like this.

IMG 3269During the process, we quickly realized that pieces shaped similarly to this one were going to work the best, so we dug those out and put the others aside.

IMG 3264Next, we added 3 more puzzle pieces.  We tried to place them on top of the original 3 as the instructions say to do, but when it didn’t work out very well for us, we slid the original 3 out closer to the edges, and added the next 3 onto the edges of the cardboard circle too.  It worked out perfectly and was much easier for Gracen to do.

IMG 3271When our snowflake was completely dry about an hour later, Gracen gave it a good once over with white paint.

IMG 3272While the paint was still wet, she did the job I think she looks forward to most when crafting…. She sprinkled on a very generous amount of sparkles over the entire thing.

IMG 3283Later in the evening when her snowflake was dry, I hot glued a little loop of ribbon onto the back, and voila – a new handmade ornament to add to our tree.

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3 thoughts on “Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornament

  1. Amy @ The Connection We Share says:

    Cool! I’m going to make this =) Thanks for the idea!

  2. Bri says:

    This is beautiful!! I want to make a couple for our tree now! I wish we had a spot in Vernon like the craft store you talked about ( with the odds & ends and recycled bits), what a neat idea!! We’re going to go there for sure next time we’re on the coast!

  3. gonna give it a go this week for my little one’s 1st Christmas!

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