A Gingerbread House for Grae

Grandma Charlotte and Auntie Judy have had plans for a gingerbread house decorating afternoon in the works for several weeks now.  While Auntie Judy took charge of making the gingerbread pieces and assembling the house, Grandma Charlotte collected all kinds of {healthier} decorations so that Miss G could decorate and snack a little along the way too.  

With all of the prep work already done, today, we popped over to Auntie Judy’s house {conveniently located just down the farm’s lane way} to let Miss G decorate her first ever gingerbread house.

IMG 3888After Auntie Judy whipped up a quick batch of frosting, Gracen got started with ‘painting’ the icing onto the house using a popsicle stick.

IMG 3890Her decorations included all kinds of dried fruit and nuts, as well as sesame sticks and breadsticks, and while not the most traditional of decorations, Grae didn’t mind one bit.

IMG 3894She completely covered the roof and two sides of the house, then decided that doors and windows were required on the front and back.

IMG 3897Afterwards, with the help of Papa, a fence was added to the backyard.

IMG 3908Tadaaa!  The finished product. 

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One thought on “A Gingerbread House for Grae

  1. Tairalyn says:

    and even decorated in healthy treats. You my friend are an amazing mama. You inspire me to be my greatest! XOXOX

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