Letter Writing Station

Letter Writing StationMiss G was so spoiled at Christmas that we’re still slowly pulling out new treasures, removing the packaging, and playing with them for the first time.  Early this morning, she went down to her room {here at Grandma Charlotte and Poppop’s house}, retrieved her little wooden Melissa & Doug mailbox, and asked me to play “mail” with her.  We exchanged the reusable postcards for the mailbox, taking turns being the sender and the recipient, for a full hour before we decided to turn the game into a little station that can easily stick around a few days.

IMG 4166In addition to the mailbox, we collected a few different envelopes, some paper (both lined and coloured), a notepad, some pens and pencils, and some stick on labels.

IMG 4171IMG 4175IMG 4169Miss G got busy writing letters, stuffing envelopes, and adhering labels right away.

IMG 4177Once a letter was done, she’d either pop it in the mailbox, deliver it straight to the recipient, or place it in the ‘to mail’ pile…

IMG 4172So far, she’s absolutely been loving writing letters and drawing pictures for all of those she loves…

IMG 4181Even Bella’s received mail. ☺


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5 thoughts on “Letter Writing Station

  1. Victoria says:

    Aww, this is too cute and an awesome activity! I love the premade labels!

  2. Perhaps I should have made our letter writing more fun like this, my post for the Sunday Parenting Party was all about my kids not enjoying their thanks you letters!

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