A New ‘Do

After our morning adventure, Miss G and I spontaneously decided to head down to Broadway to get her hair trimmed.  As usual, we went to Melonhead, and as usual, we had another great experience.  Though this was Grae’s third haircut, it was the first that I had not prepared for by packing along very special sit still treats. ☺  Thankfully, it wasn’t an issue.  We walked in without an appointment and got in immediately (which is always nice).  Gracen chose where she’d like to sit (the pink car – again) and happily enjoyed some crazy Treehouse show while the lovely stylist snipped away.  

IMG 4590Before.

IMG 4591During.

IMG 4592After.

IMG 4593A sweet little style.

IMG 4596Celebratory pony ride.

Before I knew it, Gracen was sporting a cute new do and we were on our way.


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4 thoughts on “A New ‘Do

  1. PopPop says:

    Miss you all, especially Gracen Audrey Marie!

  2. pegges says:

    wow…this hairdresser is really nicely set up for kids! I’d love having that here too. awesome

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