Saturday, Fort Day.

With Brad away at a basketball tournament {with our vehicle} all day today, I decided it would be a great excuse to have a low-key day around home, just my munchkin and I.  And what’s better than a fort, heaps of pillows, games, and great books to fill a Saturday?

IMG 4800Chez Gracen.

IMG 4777Magnetic flowers and sunshines.

IMG 4781Hello Kitty, the only merchandised toy allowed in our house.

IMG 4786A new favourite…

IMG 4787Bear dress up.

IMG 4791Snacks.

IMG 4806A new favourite book.

IMG 4811Hilarious.  (Listen to it here.)

IMG 4816Treat time.  Homemade apple pear carrot fruit leather.

IMG 4819Taste test in progress.

IMG 4823Pooped.


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