‘Heart in a Hole’

Heart in a HoleThis morning Gracen and I made one of our go-to breakfasts… Eggs in a hole.  Except we always make ours with a fun shape instead of a plain old circle and then change the name just a tad. ☺  On this morning’s menu?  Hearts in a hole. 

IMG 5136 I love this breakfast because it’s so easy, but it’s more fun than just plain eggs and toast.  Plus Grae gobbles it up every time and all you really need is eggs, bread, a little bit of oil, and a cookie cutter of some sort.  

IMG 5138This is really so simple that it doesn’t warrant instruction.  Just place the cookie cutter in the middle of the bread…

IMG 5141And really push down.

EggsThen place the bread, along with the cut out in an oiled pan warmed over medium heat and carefully crack the egg into the hole.  Because we like our eggs cooked hard, we cover the pan right away.

CookedWhen the white appears cooked through, flip everything over and let it cook a couple more minutes.

IMG 5146That’s it – breakfast is served.  And today, just for fun, we added strawberry hearts too.  (This meal may just have to be repeated on Valentine’s Day.)

IMG 5152


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7 thoughts on “‘Heart in a Hole’

  1. ethelthedean says:

    So adorable! I will totally make this for that man I live with. x

  2. pegges says:

    cute! did you know that olive oil is not good f or frying? the heat will destroy all the important essentials etc. all the good stuff will be gone. olive oil is just good for cold use. healthy frying is done with coconut oil 🙂

    • jkossowan says:

      Yes, I do Peggy! It’s actually grapeseed oil in the bottle (I just love the pour spout on this bottle so I filled it up with something else when the olive oil ran out) – I guess I should have mentioned that! I do know that the smoke point / heat tolerance of grapeseed oil is somewhat controversial too, but since I cook these on ‘4’ (less than medium heat) I figure it’s not a huge issue. I do love cooking with coconut oil though. Thanks for watching out for us – you’re a doll! 🙂

      • pegges says:

        haha… no problem 😀 I was afraid I’d come across as a smartass, which I’m really not. I like to share my knowledge. and as I know you care about healthy clean eating, I thought I share 🙂 before pregnancy I was bodybuilding and eating clean was essential. I will start with that again in about two weeks. during pregnancy unfortunately I wasn’t all that good. *blush*

  3. Tawny says:

    My husband makes these for our kiddos…. I thought it was his invention 😉 I’ll pretend I don’t know.

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