Sugar Cookie Felt Board Set

Sugar Cookie Felt Board SetToday, while enjoying some downtime together as a family, I put together a quick and easy new felt board set for Miss G…  A sugar cookie cutting and decorating set.  All it really required was a few sheets of the cheap {recycled from plastic bottles} felt, a pair of sharp scissors, a plastic cookie cutter, and about 40 minutes of {interrupted} time.  Because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I went with a heart-shaped cutter, but any shape would be fun.

IMG 5335To start off, I traced the cookie cutter onto the tan felt several times, placing them as I’d cut out cookies from rolled dough (making sure to leave a decent amount of space between each).  The only tricky thing is that in order to keep your ‘rolled dough’ piece intact, you have to very carefully cut the shapes out without cutting through the borders.

IMG 5336Here’s what you should have when your shapes have all been cut out.

IMG 5337Then I quickly rounded the edges to make the rolled dough piece look a little bit more realistic.

IMG 5350Next, I cut out smaller hearts in different colours (and two sizes) to act as the frosting.

IMG 5353The last {and easiest} job was creating ‘candy sprinkles’ by chopping up thin strips of felt.

IMG 5345Miss was dying to get her hands on her new game, and began placing the cookies into the dough immediately.

IMG 5346Then it was straight to cutting them out using her cookie cutter.

IMG 5354Next up – the best part…  Decorating!

IMG 5355Almost as much fun as the real thing… If only felt cookies tasted delicious. ☺

You can find our easy and inexpensive felt board tutorial here and some of our other felt board games here.


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One thought on “Sugar Cookie Felt Board Set

  1. Wow, I love this! My son would too. I’m pinning this to my Felt Food and Valentine’s Day boards…and hopefully remembering to make it when I have some time.

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