Mini Restaurateur

IMG 5371It’s no secret that Gracen loves to help in the kitchen.  So for a long time, we’d intended to buy her a play kitchen for Christmas.  But when going back to Kuwait became a serious consideration, we decided to put the kitchen plans on hold, buy one after the move, and opt for handmade felt food instead as it can easily be packed overseas.  

IMG 5367IMG 5377IMG 5372IMG 5366Unfortunately, we had a few snafus with our order and it only arrived a couple of weeks ago… Of course, for Miss G, who was spoiled at Christmas nonetheless and had no idea it was coming, opening the parcel today was the best surprise ever.

IMG 5370IMG 5384IMG 5376IMG 5382We laid out a blanket in the living room, grabbed a couple of stacks of plates, and she’s been whipping up meals ever since.

IMG 5373IMG 5383IMG 5374IMG 5379The funniest part is that every time we’re out and about and she spots a restaurant, she points to it and shouts, “Mama, a resdaraunt!  Grae Grae has one of dose at home in da living room.  Grae Grae has a resdaraunt station!!!”

IMG 5375IMG 5386IMG 5368It’s certainly no play kitchen, but our little sous chef doesn’t mind one bit.


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6 thoughts on “Mini Restaurateur

  1. Rania says:

    These items are so adorable!! Where did you order them from?

    • jkossowan says:

      Aren’t they awesome?! I bought them from a shop on Etsy. Everything was handcrafted by a woman in Florida. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good experience with the seller (they were ordered in November and scheduled to ship on December 10th, then we heard from her on December 22nd saying that she hadn’t shipped them yet, but was shipping them express that day so G would hopefully have them in time for Christmas, and when I contacted her on January 11th to say they hadn’t yet arrived, she let me know that she still hadn’t shipped them…and now I’m STILL waiting for a refund for some of the pieces she never got around to making!) But if you don’t mind the wait, they’re truly beautiful. 🙂

  2. Issie says:

    Your daughter is just lovely! Are they Melissa and Doug felt food pieces? My god-daughter and son would love those for their kitchen xx

  3. leah says:

    adorable! What a cute little chef!

    out of curiosity, is there any play kitchen that you particularly liked the best or do you know which you would buy if you weren’t moving? i’m in the market for one for my little miss and am trying to get some recommendations:) thanks!

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