Small Style {10}

Whew!  It’s been a while since I put together a Small Style post… Truth is, I have a bunch sitting in my drafts folder, I just never seem to get around to posting them.  Brad mentioning that I hadn’t done one in a while was motivation enough. ☺  So here’s our little lady and her {semi} recent outfit creations…

IMG 4335Bow: Froever 21 / Quilted jacket: Baby Gap / Striped sweater dress: Joe / Navy tights: Point Zero / Fringed boots: Joe

IMG 2209Brimmed hat: Joe / Herringbone jacket: Baby Gap / Cable knit sweater: Ralph Lauren / Skinny Jeans: Levi’s / Boots: Joe

IMG 4338Bow: Forever 21 / Quilted jacket: Baby Gap / Heart sweater: Joe / Blush shorts: Baby Gap / Snowflake tights: Joe / Fringed boots: Joe / Mini scowl: All Grae ☺

IMG 4364Bow: Forever 21 / Running jacket: H&M / Cardigan: American Apparel / Striped leotard: American Apparel / Teal tights: American Apparel / Fringed boots: Joe (this is of course a dance class outfit… I promise my little miss doesn’t usually roam the streets in a leotard!)

IMG 3010Slouched hat: Gertex / Scarf: bought in the Fahaheel bazaar in Kuwait (and stolen from Mama’s closet) / Crossover sweater: Baby Gap / Striped leggings: Baby Gap / Boots: H&M

IMG 2850Jacket: Next (in Kuwait) / Button-up sweater: Levi / Blue tunic: Joe / Black leggings: H&M / Boots: Joe

IMG 2588Striped scarf: Joe (stolen from Mama’s closet) / Striped baby doll dress: Old Navy / Blue tights: Joe // Boots: Joe

IMG 2532Slouched hat: Gertex / Rain jacket: Baby Gap / Striped blazer: Target / Babydoll tank: Old Navy / Black leggings: H&M / Boots: Joe

IMG 2269Quilted jacket: Baby Gap / Ruffled cardigan: unknown (gifted) / Dress: Baby Gap / White tights: Point Zero / Boots: Joe



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6 thoughts on “Small Style {10}

  1. Teresa says:

    She is quite the fashionista! And so darn cute. . .

  2. Very Cute. Quite a stylish young lady!

  3. Allyson says:

    What is Joe? I see a lot of cute ftuff that you’ve purchased for Lil’ Miss. 🙂

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