Parenting fail of the day…

Grae comes back from the kitchen where she was changing her clothes (she’s all about having “privacy” these days) and says, “I had some of my milk!”  We’d stopped by a coffee shop earlier and she still had some of her steamed milk left when we arrived back to the apartment, but I knew it had been put in the fridge.  What hadn’t been put into the fridge though?  My leftover skim latte that was in the exact same kind of cup.  Ugh.

At 2 and half, the girl hasn’t had sugar or fast food and eats very few things that are processed, but she’s had her first swig of coffee.  Super. 

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2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. Lisa says:

    ah! Very EURO……was she bonkers?

  2. pegges says:

    that’s not “so” bad though! would be worst if it would have been alcohol or so, right? did she not taste the difference? lol

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