5 Things You May Not Know About Miss G

Today I’m switching things up a little and sharing 5 things you may not know about Miss G…  I always love learning more about my favourite bloggers and I’m sharing 5 things about myself tomorrow, so I figured I’d include my righthand lady in the fun too.  Okay, here are a few things you may not know about my girl…

5 Things You May Not Know About GracenSo what do you think?  Any surprises in there?


If you’re new to Mama.Papa.Bubba., welcome!

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22 thoughts on “5 Things You May Not Know About Miss G

  1. nannypology says:

    Good job Grae Grae! Can you come tell my 4 kiddos how bad sugar is?? Thanks.

  2. For me surprise was that Gracen is so early out of diapers! Well done, Girl!:)

  3. Nat Nanton says:

    There’s definitely an old soul in that little body of hers!

  4. Broccoli and Rice Cakes says:

    26 letters in a name- that is impressive! My little lady has 19 (just counted them) and a hyphen…we love every bit of her name but other folk tend to drop the hyphen and everything else that follows. Alas…

  5. Neets says:

    Gorgeous post and well done Gracen for staying away from sugar!

  6. pegges says:

    I was just wondering about one thing. If she isn’t so keen on candy and you guys are really watching to not give her sugar, what are you doing on halloween? are you still going around trick or treating or not? Just wondering because I already fear the day when I “have to” go trick or treating with my girl… I’m not liking this. lol

  7. Lisa C says:

    Ha, yeah about the names, we’ve gifted our son with a long one too. My poor child will have a time of it spelling his full name & fitting it on forms. 30 letters all told, including the hypen. Plus the added bonus of A-E-U in his first name, then E-A-U in the first part of his surname. Heh.

  8. kudos on the no candy thing, that sure makes life nice and easy!! and yum Tofu, seriously so easy to manipulate to anything you like I love it!

  9. Alma says:

    Great post. Totally impressive on the early potty training:)

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