Stacking Felt Board Rainbow

Stacking Rainbow Felt Board GameToday as it poured rain outside, Miss G and I got out some crafting supplies and put together a quick and easy stacking rainbow for her felt board.

IMG 7946Truth be told, while I cut out the rainbow pieces, she did this…  Created a “porh-ple porkee-pine” with our felt stack and some pins.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, right? 

IMG 7942Because you have to be fairly precise with this project, I opted to find a rainbow image online and print it off to use as a pattern, but you could draw your own too.  I made sure to pick one that had 7 stripes so that we could include both indigo and violet, and gathered some coordinating felt pieces plus some pins and some very sharp scissors.

RainbowI chose to work from the bottom up, so I pinned the pattern down on the violet felt sheet and cut the entire rainbow out.  

IMG 7947Before pinning the pattern onto the next felt sheet, I cut off the bottom stripe off of the paper in order to make the next crescent slightly smaller.

IMG 7950I continued these steps until all of the colours had been cut out.

IMG 7952At the end, I cut out a couple of freehand clouds to finish off the edges.  Voila – a game that involves fine motor skill development, size comparisons, colour recognition, and rainbow order. 

IMG 9788

To learn how to make your own easy felt board and to see our other felt board games, click here.


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5 thoughts on “Stacking Felt Board Rainbow

  1. I had a board like this when I was little, it was called fuzzy felt and I loved it. This is yet another of your ideas that has now been stored away for when the little one is a bit older! I love the way you can make your own felt pieces to put on it so its tailored to your child’s interests. Well done 🙂

    • jkossowan says:

      Thanks, Kelly! Definitely some old school fun. 🙂 I used to ADORE when my primary teachers pulled out the felt board, and I’m so happy Miss G loves it as much as I did. I also love that new games are so easy to create – anyone can cut shapes out of felt (especially with the help of Google images). 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    I just finished making my own flower set. Thanks for the inspiration! Do you have a nifty way to store all of your different felt board sets?

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