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Sidewalk Chalk Paint on Paper

Sidewalk Chalk Paint on Paper | Mama Papa BubbaOne of our favourite things to do on sunny spring and summer days is to cover our sidewalks in bright colours and patterns using homemade sidewalk chalk paint.  The paint, which dries with a chalk-looking finish, is vibrant, easy to apply, and washes off with a couple of rains.  Perfect, right?  Almost!  The only {petty} problems are that it’s best used during the warmer, drier months of the year, and the beautiful sidewalk art created cannot be saved in Miss G’s scrapbooks (duh!) 

With both of those things in mind, today we did some experimenting with using the paint on paper!  I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but I’m happy to report that it worked wonderfully!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint  Blender Method | Mama Papa BubbaFirst off, after making many batches of sidewalk chalk paint, here is our easy peasy, minimally-messy method of making it.  The key component?  A blender!  First off, it prevents the inevitable cornstarch poof that comes with whisking it, and secondly, I find that after a good long spin in the blender, the cornstarch doesn’t separate from the water nearly as quickly as when we hand mix it.  

IMG 8474With our paints ready, we headed outside with a stack of black construction paper.  I’m sure other papers would work wonderfully too, but I was kind of going for the old-school blackboard look.  Now…  I’m not going to lie.  When we first started using the paints on the paper, I thought our experiment was going to be a total flop.  So much so, in fact, that we ditched the paper and used our entire batch of paint on our front sidewalk instead.  Going on, the paint looked like slightly muddled water… Not quite the look I was hoping for!

It wasn’t until every last drop of our paint was gone and we were beginning to clean up that we noticed how beautiful the paintings we’d banished over to the side were now that they were dry.

IMG 8469Instead of looking wet and barely there like this…

IMG 8491Once dry, they were bright, chalky, and vibrant like this!  Cool, right?  

IMG 8467With that, it was back into the kitchen to whip up another batch of paint.  Together, we painted many more pieces, this time watching the transformation as they dried.

IMG 8493The other kind of cool thing we learned is that once your piece is dry…

IMG 8480You can use your fingernail or the edge of a popsicle stick to scratch off designs and patterns!  Fun, right?

IMG 8483How did our afternoon of painting end? Hah!  Like this!  Miss G was done, dinnertime was nearing, and we still had some paint leftover, so out it went onto the sidewalk.  Of course, which two year old can resist walking through regular puddles, let alone rainbow-coloured ones?! 

IMG 8486Well, and because feet were okay, hands must be okay too, no?


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Showered in Attention

IMG 8445IMG 8432Though we had plans to go to Stanley Park this morning for a big pop-up play date, Brad called as we were headed out the door to let us know the ultimate frisbee tournament he was coaching at was just a few blocks from our house.  Not having time to do both, I let Miss G make the decision… Her choice? The tournament.  I’m willing to guess that Papa + his students + live sports would beat out a playground visit any day.  While we were there, the girls absolutely showered her with attention.  She got hugs, secret handshake lessons, flower crowns, bubbles blown for her, and plenty of in unison ‘Awwwwwww!’s.  It was a good morning.


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A Seat

IMG 8450“Mama, I made you a seat.  You’re sitting on it and I’m sitting in your lap.”  

This was brought to me while I was getting ready this morning.  Miss G thought of the idea, retrieved her supplies, cut and folded her paper, and did the drawing 100% on her own.  My mama heart is still melting. 


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Flower Garden Yogurt Parfait

Flower Garden Yogurt Parfait | Mama Papa BubbaThe other day, while quickly picking up a couple of craft supplies at the dollar store, Miss G and I stumbled upon these adorable miniature clay pots.  We both laid eyes on them at the same time, and just as I was thinking, ‘Oooh!  I must have those pots!’, she asked, ‘Mama, can we please take home those baby pots?’  Ummm, yes – we certainly can, baby girl.  

At the time of purchase, I really had no idea what we’d use them for – all I knew was that there were tons of possibilities.  This morning when I poked my head into the refrigerator to give Gracen some breakfast options, however, I knew exactly what they’d be good for…. Creating tiny edible flower gardens, of course!

IMG 8383To get started, Grae helped me gather up some things – plain organic greek yogurt, homemade granola (muesli would work too), some pineapple and melon slices (about a 1/2 inch thick), some cinnamon, our clay pot, some tiny wooden dowels (short skewers or food picks would work too), and daisy-shaped cookie cutters – then she was off to play dress-up.

IMG 8404While she was busy playing, scrubbed the pot well with hot soapy water.  Then I mixed up approximately one part yogurt with one part granola, and scooped it into the pot.  Next up, I covered the yogurt mixture with a little bit more granola and generously sprinkled cinnamon on top.

IMG 8389Using a daisy-shaped cookie cutter Miss G got in her Easter basket, I cut little flower shapes out of pineapple, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

IMG 8408Then I carefully speared them onto our tiny wooden dowels.  I did contemplate colouring the dowels green beforehand, but I didn’t have any natural green food colouring on hand and didn’t feel comfortable using the real stuff since it would be directly in the food.  Oh well!  Maybe next time…

IMG 8415To put it all together, I simply placed the ‘flower lollipops’ (as G calls them) into the yogurt mixture.  Because of the thickness of Greek yogurt, and the fact that it’s 1/2 granola, the flowers stayed up really well.  

IMG 8418Gracen was tickled pink with her edible flower garden, and not only did she request additional flower lollipops during breakfast, but she also requested another flower garden yogurt parfait for afternoon snack. Yay for healthy and fun munchkin meals!


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Currently // 05.30.13

IMG 1442Watching:  Local musician Will Stroet‘s DVD.  She first fell in love with the songs while listening to Walk & Roll in the car, and after attending his concert and receiving a copy of his music DVD, she’s hooked.  She thinks Henry the Meowing Dog is absolutely hysterical and Full of Beans ranks second favourite.

Singing: 22 by Taylor Swift and Reading Revival by Will Stroet.  The funniest part is that if I try to sing either, she generously corrects my lyrics.  This girl has a memory like nothing else.

Playing:  Right now there is a whole lot of dress-up happening in our house.  She absolutely adores her dress-up centre and if we’re at home, she’s most likely in tutu and giraffe mask or a pink poodle costume, with her bedroom floor being absolutely covered in dress-up items.

Talking about: For the past week and a half or so, she’s been talking about when she gets bigger.  Constantly.  She asks about what it’s like to be an adult and lists all of the things she’s excited to do in the future.  So far, her main ones are: crossing the road by herself, having a job, walking in parking lots alone, driving a car, and going to university.  Oh, and having a baby.  There’s lots of talk about having a baby inside her belly right now.  Oy.

Reading: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  Up until recently, she wasn’t a huge Dr. Seuss fan.  I found that she enjoyed the first little bit of the story, but would move on before we’d finished the book.  Now, she’s really into longer books and more complex story lines.  She even ‘reads’ Green Eggs and Ham to me now!  The other book we’ve been reading on repeat is the slightly random Biblioburro.  She signed it out from the library, and though I  normally {sneakily} skip the page with the bandit holding the weapon, it does have a lovely message about giving and the joy of reading. 

Eating: Current favourites include asparagus, Babybel cheese, cantaloupe, wholewheat pasta (always pasta), tofu, breakfast banana splits, crackers of any sort, Trader Joe’s apple sauce squeezy pouches, these popsicles, and bagels with cream cheese.

Inspired by the Currently posts on Sometimes Sweet.


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Rainy Day Splatter Painting

Rainy Day Splatter Painting | Mama Papa BubbaWhile living in a city that gets as much rain as Vancouver does can be a little deflating some days, I know that we’ll miss it dearly once we’re back in the sandy desert.  So instead of letting the past week of rain keep us indoors today, we decided to get out and enjoy it.  After a morning walk and a long play at the park before lunch, we decided to head back outside this afternoon.  We brought along with us a baking sheet, some liquid food colouring (the neon kind), and some white construction paper to do an easy and fun art activity… Rain splatter painting!

IMG 8367To get started, Gracen laid a piece of construction paper down on the baking sheet and fully enjoyed dropping splots of food colouring all over it.

IMG 8370Once she had the food colouring exactly how she wanted it, we simply let the rain do its job.  At this point, it was raining quite hard, so the splatter effect happened quickly.  Grae loved watching the colours pop up off the page and land back down on the page in little dots.  At some point during the process, she’d say “This one is done!” and we’d pop it inside the house to dry and grab another sheet of paper to splatter.

IMG 8376The end result is beautiful, splotchy, watercolour-esque paintings, just like this one.  Fun, right?


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Make Your Own Pizza Station

Over the course of the last week or so, the one thing Gracen can’t stop talking about is ‘when she gets bigger’.  So far, she’s told me she’s excited to get bigger so she can cross the road by herself, ‘work at a job’, walk in parking lots alone, drive a car, and go to university (Eesh…slow down, baby girl).  Part of me wants to curl up and cry, and the other part is incredibly proud that she desires such independence and self-sufficiency at 2.75 years old.

Making Your Own Pizza Lunch Station | Mama Papa BubbaWhile I’m not ready to hand over the car keys or let her navigate her way across a busy road just yet, I am ready {and more than happy} to let her put together some of her own meals. Given the proper set up, it’s something she’s totally capable of and she’s so, so, sooo proud after having done so.  A couple of days ago, she created her own breakfast banana split, and today she assembled her own quick and easy pizza lunch.

To make is super simple, we skipped pizza dough all together and used wholewheat Middle Eastern flatbreads instead.  These work perfectly, but wholewheat tortilla shells, pitas, and even bagels (cut in half of course) are great too.  Together, we cut up a bunch of stuff we had in the fridge (grilled chicken, red and yellow peppers, zucchini, and mango) and I set it all out, along with some grated fresh mozzarella and pesto, in a little pizza making station for my girl.

IMG 8347We’ve done this many times now, and what I’ve learned is that it’s best to let her create her pizza masterpiece directly on the parchment-lined baking sheet we’ll use to bake the pizzas.  After that, I kind of just let her go.  I’m a big fan of not directing our activities all that much (well except when it comes to safety, I guess), and really, it doesn’t matter which order the toppings go on in all that much.  The finished product will undoubtedly be delicious no matter what.  

IMG 8349That being said, we’ve made our favourite from scratch pizza together so many times in the past, she pretty much sticks to the sauce, cheese, toppings order.  And when this girl does toppings, she does toppings!

IMG 8351Here’s her mini pizza, ready for the oven.  I cook ours for about 5 to 8 minutes at 350 degrees, then crank up the temperature and broil them for just a minute at the end.

IMG 8354I can’t even explain how proud Miss G is after creating her meal on her own… She exudes pride.  And my personal opinion is that when kids take part in creating food, they are much more likely to eat it.

IMG 8355The verdict?  A total hit.  A pizza assembling station is always a hit in our house. 


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Paper Roll Shape Stamps

Paper Roll Shape Stamps | Mama Papa BubbaEvery once and a while, I seem to go through a paper roll collecting stage.  I have no idea why, because I truly never have anything planned for them, but it happens none the less.  When I noticed a little collection of them today during nap time, I decided we’d put them to use this afternoon.

IMG 8316Though we really haven’t done a whole lot of paper tube crafts, I remembered how much Miss G enjoyed the heart stamping activity we did last fall.  Not wanting to do the exact same thing again, I decided to create several different shapes to switch things up a little bit.  To start off, I gently cut the tubes in half.

IMG 8320Next, came shaping them.  The good news is that it wasn’t difficult.  For the triangle,  square, and rectangle, I basically made the required number of corners by folding the tubes, then played with the shapes a little bit until I was happy with them.  You can see exactly how to form the heart shape here, and the circle, well, you just leave it as is {obviously}.

IMG 8324At this point, Gracen was still asleep and I just couldn’t wait test them out.  So I didn’t. ☺

IMG 8328When my little lady woke up, she quickly discovered the stamping station I’d set out for her, and she was thrilled.

IMG 8330She stamped away testing out each shape thoroughly…   

IMG 8338Her personal favourite?  My impromptu bow tie stamp dipped in purple paint (of course).  

Depending on the paper used for this project, your little one(s) could create a new piece of art for the wall, a piece of wrap for a gift, or a greeting card for someone special.


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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Bed head, a paper bag dress, and a kitchen dance party… I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get better than this.


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To Remember Always {2}: Her Very First Family Portrait

IMG 8310This afternoon, my girl drew this…  According to her, “My whole famileeee”.  Melt my mama heart.

Btw, I think she nailed my hair, don’t you?


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