Unfortunately, we have not quite recovered from when we veered off the path of consistent naps yet…  Gracen is such a routine little thing, that sometimes it’s difficult to get back on track after falling off.  As of now, she goes down for a nap after lunch as usual, she lays in the dark singing and chatting to herself for a good long while, and when she doesn’t fall asleep, I part her curtains just a little to let in some light, and she has some quiet play time alone in her barely-lit room.  Down time we both need.  

Besides the fact that she truly does still need her nap and our afternoon is tough without out it, the following morning we are guaranteed to have an extra early wake up (we’re talking somewhere in the 5 a.m. range).  This kid is proof to the fact that good day time sleep equals good nighttime sleep, let me tell you.  Then of course, she’s tired the next morning, nap time is extra tough that day, and the cycle continues.  Viciously.  Ugh.

Oh, and on top of that?  Quiet play time equals this:  

IMG 9201A Grae-nado as we call it.  

Here’s hoping for a return of naps, ASAP.


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