Gracen Raises Butterflies: We Have Chrysalises!

IMG 9732It’s day 4 with our caterpillars and look at what we have today!  We woke up to find that three of our fuzzy little caterpillars had build their chrysalises over night.  We were actually cleaning up from breakfast already when Gracen called out, “Some of the caterpillars built their chrysalises, Mama!”

IMG 9726And thank goodness.  If they weren’t pupas today, I was going to go into their containers and do a major clean up.  I know that school kits normally say that once the container is closed, leave it closed, and that handling them as little as possible is best, but it can’t be fun to live in your own poop.  Besides, from what I read, serious butterfly raisers clean out caterpillar frass daily.  For our 5 remaining caterpillars, it’s house cleaning day.  Wish me luck!


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One thought on “Gracen Raises Butterflies: We Have Chrysalises!

  1. Lisa says:

    I was reading this on your face book I really want to do this

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