Gracen Raises Butterflies: Hanging Our Chrysalises

IMG 9790With our butterfly enclosure ready and our first chrysalises ready to be hung, Miss G and I had to get a little creative this morning.  When raising butterflies in my classroom, I used to hang the chrysalises from the inside of a wooden block that was open on two sides, but without one of those at our disposal, we decided to try and craft one.  A box, some packaging tape, and a utility knife later, we had this.  As you can see, it certainly ain’t pretty.  Buuuut, it gets the job done.

IMG 9792Once the newly-formed  chrysalises had been left alone for 12 – 24 hours, we very carefully lifted the lids off of the containers, gently loosening the webbing off of the container walls with a paintbrush if needed.  Then we simply created tape rolls using a good strong masking tape, and stuck the lids to the ceiling of our homely box block.  This is where they’ll hang now until the final step of their transformation takes place.

IMG 9799As for our other guys who are still busy eating, they all got a good container cleaning and fresh food.  Let’s hope this is a welcomed change and not something that harms their ability to begin their transformation.

IMG 9799And while I was busy cutting, hanging, and cleaning, Miss G worked on her own project beside me.  When she was done, she brought me her scrap cardboard and explained, “First we have fuzzy yittle caterpillars, and then they build their chrysalises.  You wait for a long, long, loooooong time, and they POP out and be butterflies!  Then the butterflies will fly, fly, fly away.” She never ceases to amaze me.


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