Baby Sister

While having a little snuggle in G’s bed after her nap today…

Gracen: Mama, can I please have a baby sister?

Mama: Maybe one day, baby girl.  Would you like to have a baby sister?

Gracen: Yes.  I would play with her.  And I would share with her.  And I would craft with her – little itty bitty crafties.  And I would sleep with her.  And I would eat treats with her!


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3 thoughts on “Baby Sister

  1. The best thing we should do when xith our little whildren is to teach them how to be a good communicator. You and me and each of us shall spare the necessary time for them (darling little kids)!

  2. themomme says:

    This is so sweet!

  3. themomme says:

    Reblogged this on The "Mom" Me and commented:
    I love this. We are thinking about baby number two and this just reminds me of how much it will mean to our daughter and how fun it will be to have her around while I’m am pregnant to share the experience.

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